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Re: Trump was a brilliant move

If I had to guess how it plays out I'd say that you will be offered a very generous opportunity to blame the communist left and their Russia, Russia, Russia lies.


So far The Market has levitated along Alfred E. Neuman style, knowing that the Senate makes Trump immune from an impeachment threat and anyway, Pence and Butt Gorsuch. They know the Sheriff got sent out of town on a snipe hunt and they're backing the truck up to the bank.


But in the meanwhile, the Russia story is panning out to a degree that is a surprise even to more cautious Trump opponents.A constitutional crisis looms when Mueller gets closer to Trump, his family and high officials.


Nobody ever said that Trump isn't endowed with abundant feral cleverness and he'd quickly point to any market eructations as a way to hold the American people hostage.


Which was, BTW, a part of how Clinton escaped impeachment*- it was all fun and games but then everybody was on the verge of getting set for life with the NASDAQ and quickly decided to tone it down.


*his being not Good People and all, but on modest charges that were very far afield from the special counsel's original purview.