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Veteran Advisor


Needs to do more rallies - get out there - yell and whoop it up meeting supporters.   Show America how to beat CV19.  

It’s been a tough day for Trump.  Mary Trump again speaking against the Donald - recording of the wonderful First Lady of Porn sweating up  a storm.   Maybe God does indeed work in mysterious ways - or it could all be a lie, orchestrated by Trump, to make us forget about his taxes.  And show America that the virus is no match for a Trump.   Who knows.  

Anything is possible with this con man being pushed against a wall, and thinking that he might not win.

Or, maybe it’s real.  Part of the White House staff ends up very sick, and America finally believes that the virus IS real after all, and we’re in for a long, deadly winter, like we have been warned about all along.   

Its just that there were some, that didn’t listen, and didn’t care.   Maybe they will now.....

Republicans can’t win an election, without lying.......