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Senior Contributor


Too dumb to shred? Too dumb to take classified documents? We shall see. 

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Re: Trump

(Too dumb to shred?) 

Hey hey, you calling hillary dumb there knapper?

Could be old lock my opponent up joe, may have just ordered this raid so no one will talk about the IIT act - because God only knows what's in the IIT Act.

Senior Advisor

Re: Trump

Yet Hunter gets treated with kid gloves. Justice in this country is a joke. Nothing different than fidel castro or vladimir putin.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Trump

These banana republic tactics actually makes me more prone to think Trump HAS to be re-elected in 2024 to counter all this systemic corruption in the government.  If they can pull this sh*t with a billionaire, what chance do little people like me have?   And hello, the elite just DOUBLED the size of the IRS.

Senior Contributor

Re: Trump

Any truth that biden ordered garland to make sure they get the stunned look on President Trump's face on film when they break the door down, probably for hypQcrats to use in campaign speeches......but biden, garland & wray didn't know President Trump was away.

Senior Contributor

Re: Trump_What comes next?


Failing to once again achieve their desired objective of neutralizing Donald J. Trump, what comes next?

1. Kafka Gambit (e.g. Peter Navarro, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Mike Flynn, & Paul Manafort). Publicly arrest, visually place in leg irons for the benefit of MSM/Silicon Valley cameras, get the all important jailhouse perp photo, then harass and bankrupt Trump for years through the friendly Washington, DC or NYC criminal court systems.

2. Termination of Trump’s power in the extreme. Do not think for a moment that others in high places are not already thinking about this option. The only question is how to do it, if and when the usually reliable Kafka Gambit should fail?

[File under: Godzilla must be destroyed!]