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Re: Trumpers in the dumper

DUH....wait until many of the people that voted for him see how many of the the things that he campaigned on and told them he was going to do for them were lies.


My guess, is that very, very few people see his promised, "You will pay a fraction of what you are going to pay now for health're going to be so happy."  Bull crap...all of it.


On top of that, the personal spending that he and his family are doing, is simply out of control.  For all his complaints about President Obama, and what he spent while in office, this so called president has no problem spending in a month, or less, than the Obama's spent in a year.  


But the kicker I think, is that fact that he wants to take money away from the meals on wheels folks.  I suspect that we haven't seen the lows in yet....he's cutting onto those now that were his ardent supports.  Now that's saying something...


Tick Tock....



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