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Trumps wall

You know all those shipping containers that bring the goods fromChina and other oriental places. We don't have any goods to ship back so we can pile those containers 4 high like they do on the ships and then pour them full of concrete.. Of course we may have to dig a trench and bury them 4 deep  as well or they will dig under them. Or a genius mexican will pole vault over them or they might buy a ticket to fly over them.


What are the oods of a wall on the border? 50%. What are the odds of mexico paying for it? 0%

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Re: Trumps wall

This is why they're here.



New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito has long refused to pledge even ceremonial allegiance to the American flag. No surprise, then, that she displays no respect for American citizenship, either.

Mark-Viverito wants to grant voting rights to non-citizens — including, perhaps, illegal immigrants — in all municipal elections. And she’s not alone.

Meanwhile, New York state’s newly minted Education commissioner, MaryEllen Elia, champions licensing illegal immigrants to teach in New York’s public schools, as well as to practice 52 other regulated professions. Not that her views really matter, of course. The state Board of Regents just approved the change. (It’s a going-away present from Chancellor Merryl Tisch, soon to depart after seven years as felonious former Assembly speaker Shelly Silver’s hand-picked education czar.)

To be sure, both schemes come wrapped in pretty ribbons.

“I believe that in a democracy, everybody should participate, and I don’t see how you call something a democracy when you don’t give everybody that opportunity to participate,” said Queens Councilman Daniel Dromm, Mark-Viverito’s point-person for non-citizen voting.

“They are American in every way but immigration status. They’ve done everything right,” Elia says. “They’ve worked hard in school, some have even served in the military, but when it’s time to apply for a license, they’re told, ‘Stop. That’s far enough.’ We shouldn’t close the door on their dreams.”



It’s all about the politics, people.

It’s all about making sure that New York never again suffers the presence of powerful Republicans.

Mark-Viverito’s short-term goal is to clear the way for immigrant voting in next year’s elections for mayor, comptroller, public advocate, borough president and City Council.

Elia and the Regents are playing a longer game. They seek to normalize the idea that formal citizenship doesn’t really matter — and that insisting on it as a prerequisite for voting is at best discriminatory, and most likely racist.

It is not.

Meanwhile, what Mark-Viverito wants, she gets. “I’ve been supportive of the legislation in the past, and [I] continue to be supportive,” she says — having already cobbled together veto-proof council support for the alien-voting bill that Dromm is fronting. (Mayor de Blasio, once again, is outside looking in.)

Indeed, the only open question at this point is whether the franchise will be restricted to “lawful” aliens — green-card holders — or whether anybody who manages to hop the fence can then waltz right into a voting booth. And there is significant support for this approach.

Now, wouldn’t Boss Tweed be envious; he was a master at harvesting votes from immigrants — but he was never able to pull off a coup like this.

‘Shouldn’t the pursuit of the American dream mean becoming an American?’

Support for the Mark-Viverito-Dromm scheme ranges from the left-leaning usual suspects to hard-core-crazy communists — with Citizens Action of New York (“We work to elect progressive candidates!”) leading the way; hyperpolitical unions like the Service Employees International Union and Communications Workers of America following; activists of all sorts bobbing along in the wake — and George Soros’ Open Society Institute writing lots of checks.