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Trumputin update

For what it's worth, obviously he always had Tillerson tagged for SecState, just needed to pretend that there were deep deliberations and it gave him a chance to humiliate Romney. For anyone who thinks this shows brilliance, no it doesn't. Vince and Linda McMahon's scriptwriters could have easily devised it*.


As far as what to expect I think that Putin is the obvious model. While he's done nothing to improve the lives of average Russians he's able to keep enough on board through quasi-religious ethno-nationalism that it remains close enough for him to credibly steal each election.


Of course Russia is in a demographic death spiral. No matter how hard Putin and his priests in funny hats try to convince the Good People that they need to practice the slavic equivalent of lebensborn it isn't taking hold because nobody wants to bring children into an oligarchic ####hole. BTW, doesn't really matter as long as the game keeps going long enough for Putin & Co. to ransack the last $B out.


*on the other hand, in Trumpamerica anything that has made a $B shows who has great worth. In the world of monied thugs, the cash count is all that matters.

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Re: Trumputin update


I doubt that anyone can provide a full comprehensive view but this is passable.


I'm feeling pretty smart this AM as I have a pretty good history here over the last year or so of consistently saying that, whatever is going on, I smell a rat via the Russian disinfo penetration of not only the alt-right but even some opinion sources closer to the mainstream.


I said whatever is going on I don't trust Putin.


Although, yes, I know, so's my mama, and all that.



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Re: Trumputin update

Well, you haven't been too good on your predictions so.......

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Re: Trumputin update

Re: Trumputin update

Wondering when the Trump thank you tour is set to run the Russian leg of thanks.... hehehe.

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Re: Trumputin update

(Wondering when the Trump thank you tour is set to run the Russian leg of thanks)


OK - Based on the narrative the main stream media is pushing, that is pretty funny.


On a more serious note, I do have wonder whom is correct, in 2012 President Obama mocked Romney when he stated that Russia was the greatest geopolitical foe in the world, the main stream / liberal media and liberals on this site backed President Obama at the time.  President Obama also told Putin's predecessor "off mic" that he would have more flexibility with Putin after the election.  

During the 2016 election season President elect Trump agreed with President Obama regarding Russia.  

So I have to ask who is correct, Romney OR Trump & Obama?

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Don't hold your breath

waiting for a reply, Edmund.


Nutz is one of those cloistered liberals that has a very hard

time digesting information and probably should have put

his affairs in a trust a long time ago from what I have observed.


Lots of people out there like that, you just hope and pray that

your own progency never gets that disease.