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Granted, it is BI (another Bezos operation) and thus not one of those Trusted Sources. Interesting anyway.


Although I'm fairly certain that none of the regulars here are on the payroll, or if they are they've gotten pretty good at imitating indigenous kooks.


But there's no doubt in my mind that both the overt and covert Russian psyops have deeply penetrated the consciousness of The Movement to a substantial degree, even to the extent that serious homophobes display undisguised manlove for The Poot.

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Re: Trumputin?

Deep state.














Re: Trumputin?

Probably some truth in that.


But I still can't find a good reason to be infatuated with the Pootster.


The one thing that I'm about as sure of as anything is that The Folk are the easiest bunch of marks in the game.  The world's two largest national psy-op organizatons work them like rented mules.

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Re: Trumputin?

But know maybe you can find a good reason why they shouldn't have a monopoly on our health care and education.

Re: Trumputin?

It's comical, sad, and scary all at the same time to watch these Trumpers do gymnastics to support this bozo. Reminds me of the election of GW in 2004. We all saw what that got us.

Re: Trumputin?

Although many of the fiercest critics on both matters are utterly unequipped to act as informed consumers on either count.


BTW, if you listen to parents from schools like WL, Carmel, Fishers that far exceed any state or federal standards for spending or outcomes, they may wring their hands a little about the alarming state of education outside their bubbles.


But if you listen real close you'll detect that they aren't too sorry that their kids will face less competition for the good jobs.


As far as people who previously could ride as freeloaders on the health insurance system as long as nobody in their family developed an excludable condition, I think maybe they should get a break if they can prove that their status is due to their excellent habits and character, as opposed to luck.


If you're generous you could say half, so maybe we ought to give 'em half of an ACA subsidy regardless of income?

Re: Trumputin?

Speaking of 2004, I hadn't fully detached from the GOP orbit by then and couldn't really make myself pull the lever for a Mass. liberal, so I did a throwaway vote at the top of the ticket. Didn't matter anyway as I don't live in Ohio (and more debatably, if you follow that story, which lever you hit there probably didn't matter either).


But in retrospect, I don't think I've ever witnessed anything more heinous than the Swiftboat deal*.


Although speaking of the Deep State, of which Kerry is pretty clearly a dues paying member, after the crime wave that the first term had engendered they weren't going to switch horses at that point. Even though the SW Asian conflcts continued to get worse for the next two years, the 2006 drubbing** was probably influenced as much by Katrina and some other lesser stories than the imminent defeats. Even "liberals" were "supporting our troops."


*another excellent example of how easy The Folk are to snooker.


**actually turned out to be the saving grace of whatever historical legacy GWB, now disowned by The Folk, has. He was forced to dump Rumsfeld, send Cheney to the time out chair and take The Big Gamble- The Surge where we bought our way to a tie, left and declared victory.

You are starting to look like an outlier

Red Steele
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Re: Trumputin?

wtf are you bloviating about? Who was a "freeloader" on any the

insurance systems in place that Obama and the house and senate

democrats dismantled?


Do you also think that people that have a high deductible, low claim 

experience, and lower farm insurance rates are "freeloaders"???


You have a pretty weird way of looking at things, if that is the