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Turns out AG Garland is just another hypocrat grifter

AG Garland's war on parents not only helps his teacher's union's a financial boom for his own family. 

Turns out that McConnel saved us from having a race baiting grifter on the Supreme hypocrats need to be apologizing to mcconnel - well, unless that's the quality of person you desire on the high court.

Kinda makes a person wonder what other senile joe peeps are profiting from radical race theory.

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Re: Turns out AG Garland is just another hypocrat grifter_FBI

Attorney General Merrick Garland’s aggressive pursuit of angry, middle aged parents who dare to attend local school board meetings is just one more reason to defund and then disband the FBI. These past twenty years have shown our national police force to be little more than political muscle employed to protect Washington DC potentates in power.

Don’t try to reform the FBI. Just end it. End it now.