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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: U.S. Senate Candidate Dies in E. Iowa

Its Buddy Holly, not hollins, and the story that I have heard is that the backup Holly band members drew straws to see who got the last seat on the plane, and a 18 yr old guitar player named Waylon Jennings didn't win the draw. I have read about the story that he cursed the plane, but research seems to say that never happened, urban myth.


What did bother Jennings during the rest of his life, or influenced him, was reflection on fate...the fate that made him think for the many hours sitting in a cold bus that somehow he had lost out on something...the quick air flight to Fargo, and the truth was that what he thought was bad luck was really extreme good luck.


I often think of that story myself, and how true it is that something we may even curse as misfortune at the time, later ends up being a saving grace.


Thank God for waylaid plans.