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U.S. has drones and boots on the ground in Mali to bail out France

Interesting Zero Hedge article for troops here at Ag-Com.  Well looks like the US jumped in to help save the French in Mali before they got shot to pieces.  The French Foreign Legion is just not what it used to be. LMAO!  Seems little Mali a nothing country in the world of things.  


Except . . . it is the one spot in Central Africa where the U.S. can establish an air base to operate from to defend oil interests in neighboring Nigeria and kill Islamic terrorists.  


Thank God we have the French . . . I mean how else were we going to get our drone base in Mali?  Of course as long as the French are engaged in killing our enemies I have to support the CIA and the Special Forces and the French, who went there to protect the United States from this threat to our Homeland Security . . . Just like Granada was. FM.


Possible solution: 


  I bet the Capital of Bamako is a real tourist haven, maybe we should send RSW, ECI, and Hobby to check it out for possible investment opportunities and report back so we can get in on the ground floor, you know . . . buy cheap sell high.


 RSW could get us a CSR calculation for the dirt there, of course his bank of 20 computers will be talking to the Mali computers and will have to learn the language, so they can calculate the ROI, (plus he might be able to relocate his Big Pig, Inc. there and not have the Iowa Big PIg police on his farm);


 ECI could work on public relations and education with the Mullah running the show and will be in charge of teaching him how to spell and form complete sentences, and attend farm conventions;


 and Hobby will be in charge of financing and responsible for haggling with the Islamic Bankers  on a favorable interest rate for the economic opportunity grant Mali will want to award R E H Enterprises after the sales pitch.  


It will be interesting to see if Hobby can convince islamics who do not believe in borrowing or lending money or charging interest to make a loan to Infidels who are citizens of the Great Satan.  


I think he will be successful once he pulls out his idea to mint a billion dollar coin and get them out of debt, and indoctrinate them into printing their own fiat currency, so everyone can live like Ameri-cans.   


If he is successful, we should present him with a "righteous dude award".  


3020 will have to check security and make sure all the AR-15's arrived, and that plenty of fuel exists to fuel the piper cub to fly RSW,ECI, and Hobby out.  


ECI will now have a place to ship his 40,000 cases of Db's Superlube and put it to good use.  LMAO!   Adios Amigos.   John


Now the serious business. enjoy . . . 


US Drones, Boots Arrive In Mali

Tyler Durden's picture

Absolutely "nobody" could have possibly anticipated that the week old French incursion into Mali could already have such disastrous consequences: a botched hostage rescue attempt by French commandos while leaving behind one of their team, a downed pilot on the first day of the confrontation, rebels that succeeded in capturing a strategic village and military post, and today, yet another hostage crisis in Algeria that has seen tens of hostages killed, potentially including Americans, following another botched rescue operation. Yet, in some ways, perhaps the stars have aligned just right for the US, which as Bloomberg reports, has wasted no time in sending not only drones in the air, but also boots on the ground.


From Bloomberg:

  • U.S. military trainers are expected to arrive in West Africa this weekend to train local military forces to fight Islamist insurgents including those now battling French and local government troops in Mali, State Dept. spokeswoman Victoria Nuland says in Washington.
  • U.S. now providing intelligence, airlift to French troops fighting insurgents in Mali
  • No U.S. troops to operate in Mali; U.S. barred from providing direct assistance to Mali military

So on one hand the US is barred from providing direct assistance, but on the other, US trainers are... providing direct assistance?

But why? Well, take a quick look at the map of French "military assets" in Mali.

What does this map show?


Mali is one of the most irrelevant countries in West Africa from a resource standpoint, and what happens inside of it is certainly irrelevant from a greater geopolitical standpoint.

What is more important is what this map doesn't show, specifically the name of the country located a few hundred miles to the south: Nigeria.

Now Nigeria is important: very important. Or rather, Nigerian light sweet, one of the highest quality crudes in the world, is. And thanks to the "bungled" French peacemaking attempt, the US now has a critical foothold in what is the most strategically placed stretch of desert in Western Africa, a place where US "military trainers" will now be deployed at will.

Be on the lookout for curious escalations in violence around the capital Abuja, and key port city Lagos, in the coming months once the current Mali fracas is long forgotten.

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Re: U.S. has drones and boots on the ground in Mali to bail out France

Maybe Obama will get another peace prize. To bad Hagel hasn't been confirm, all of this could have been avoided. I can see why the libs say Hillary is the best secretary of state ever, Kerry's got a big pair of under to fill.


Re: U.S. has drones and boots on the ground in Mali to bail out France

3020- I think it is going to be very interesting to see what Hagel and Kerry elect to do in matters like this.   I just cannot see the Military Industrial Complex or the CIA Professionals to let them make radical decisions.   Maybe we will decide to fight real wars, instead of defending the economic interests of private oil company assets over seas.


 I think this is just the beginning of another "Black Op's" event, where we will stir the pot and get Muslims killing Muslims which is always what happens when there are no Infidels to kill.  Africa is a sewer, Mali is in the same area a Chad . . . "The End of the World".   Another god foresaken place just like Afghanistan.  Adios Amigo. John

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'Fraid not. France has asked for help in TRANSPORTING FRENCH TROOPS.  We are not doing any direct military support other than flying their troops in.,0,4876209.story

gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: U.S. has drones and boots on the ground in Mali to bail out France

Slighty off the point on this but "Africa is a sewer"?  I remind you and all the godbotherers, we all came from Africa in the beginning.