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UK government study

says the Indian strain may be 50% more virulent than the UK strain, which was 50% more than the native strain.

Good news is that the vaccines are pretty effective.

If you have a vaccine that’s even 50% effective and get 90% uptake, you’d starve even a strain which is that virulent.

50-90 the other way isn’t the same.

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Re: UK government study

Also some reason to believe that naturally acquired immunity from the native strain is significantly less effective.

Senior Advisor

Re: Currently the US is only 41% fully vaccinated but ....

Currently, the US is only 41% fully vaccinated but that's not the whole story, there is a whole swath of states from Texas to Georgia where only 27-29% are fully vaccinated, as are Wyoming, Utah & Idaho.

  And meanwhile even Sam's "natural immunity" isn't much protection against the Indian double mutant.  I'll keep wearing a mask a while longer, despite what all the trump minions say about.