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Senior Contributor

UNIONS in the way again

at the ed. summit a young teacher said one of the biggest problems with teaching our kids is the unions ---but then we all know there has NEVER been any business or entity that worked better with unions than without---but this teacher had guts to put oit out on the air ---the unions main goal is to deny an education so they can keep the few members they have left in line and keep them from seeing the facts ----you know like a kerry or dem voter----clueless

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Veteran Contributor

Re: UNIONS in the way again

Unions used to have useful purpose. I think most of them make things worse for the worker and the company because the are to busy lining there pockets with the workers money and not really worried about the worker. I heard somewhere how they were pushing to have a union for the illegal immagrants that come here and work. WTF.

Senior Contributor

Re: UNIONS in the way again

great post and so true they have broken many industries and stolen millions from their brethren