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US Defense Dismantlement

The capability of the US military, the sum total of units, is too large for a body politic without constraints.

When US military engagements look more like the invasion of Poland and less like a Military Defense: we cannot continue one more day without drastic restructuring of command.

The US military will not be utilized in offensive engagements. This will include intervention engagements. This will include overthrow of a standing government.

The US military will NOT contract foreign or internal forces.

The air supremacy, the WMD, Naval forces, large armaments, etc. may not be deployed in any instance without the authorization of the UN. The US Military forces WILL be responsible for strictly enforcing this requirement.

Forces may not be deployed except by the authorization of the
Defense Ministry, which will take the stead of the Secretary of Defense

This is an appointed Ministry of variable size, it will contain Ministers. The Ministry will be represented by a panel of Three. These Three will decide without descent, yah or ney of any proposed action.

The President -- who will no longer be a Commander of any sort AND will not be referred to as such. This must be affirmed by the Vice President.
The Congress -- who with 5/6 vote may override the president. Both house and senate combined much reach 3/4 vote.

All authorizing bodies are responsible for adhering to the requirements of engagements.

An attempt to commander or recommend to any party without said qualifications will result in execution by torture of such offenders and such offenders immediate family.



Defense Ministry may utilize the military on a discretionary basis by consent of the Three directed by the body of Ministers.

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Re: US Defense Dismantlement

The Executive Secretary's department is essentially a notary public for both the Congress and the Executive office.


No other function or recognition of this office will be afforded.