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bruce MN

USA today digs up creditors

Of course Craig will come on now with a long cut and paste that shows USA to be an arm of Pravda and The People's Daily Republic.
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Re: USA today digs up creditors

The Clintons taught us personal lives don't matter.


Re: USA today digs up creditors

In my hood there are two kinds of BTOs- the ones who pay their bills and the ones who don't if things get tight.


Granted, the ones who do are the real playas , but bless their hearts, if you sell them something you're going to get paid. I don't criticise those although I do sometimes observe that it didn't hurt that grandpa got a draft deferrment and ran up 400 acres while things were very good and everybody else was gone. Not really a slam, just an observation on how things work in a very tight and competitive world. And, I suppose an argument why the grandchildren ought to start with $2M apiece instead of 5.


But to a lot of folks they're all Good People, got nice looking farmsteads and a part of who we are, what we're about. Our farmers, even though most aren't any more and are never going to be again.

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Re: USA today digs up creditors

That is a very effective story for low-info voters, who`ve never hired a contractor in their life.  Small town bars are full of would-be carpenters that "could`ve made the big time if only that millionaire didn`t stiff me  on his bill"... no fool, the reason you didn`t make the big time was you sat in the bar the last 30 years and did shoddy work.


If those in the stories didn`t get paid in full with the mechanics lein and it went to court, then there is alot more to the story than the one side, anti-Trump reporter is giving.  If Trump stiffed contractors, word would get around and he couldn`t hire anyone.  A smaller local tiler told me that a BTO wanted him to do $1 million in work and he turned it down because the last job was hard getting him to pay...Well, the last 2 years after I was told the story, I`ve noticed the BTO has xxxxxxx tiling out of Dodge Center doing work...well you know how they got so rich?  They`ll finance your tiling and if you can`t pay, they`ll end up with your farm, story is they ended up with alot of farms in the 80`s that way.


So I don`t buy this USA Today story at face value.