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Re: Bush just could not have won honestly

To continue in your patronizing tone:


they are already setting you guys up to run cover for any and all shenanigans they can pull in the upcoming elections.


And you will reliably comply by buying any load of hooey as absolute and ultimate truth.


Like arch Right to Lifer Michael Connell, you no doubt believe that you are answering to a higher calling.


See my tag.

bruce MN

Red...the new leadser on the board.... making crap up and pulling it completely out of his arse to fit his ever more radicalized political views:


"Putin also  has the good sense to have withdrawn his troops from that hellhole called Afghanistan."


The SOVIETS, the U.S.S.R. which didn't break up until 1991 that would be...pulled out of Afghanistan in 1989. Putin was a 27 year old Soviet KGB agent at the time. 


Why should anybody believe any of your home spun, "man on the street", "everybdoy knows", "common knowledge"  works pretty good on the rubes at the coffee shop stuff when you've outdone even BA's finest efforts with this doozie?




Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Red...the new leader on the board....

Substitute "kept" for  "withdrawn"


Bet you made a few errors yourself during the days you had to get up at 5am each day for wife and kids

Senior Advisor

Re: Red...the new leader on the board....

I can't wait for Bruce's response!

Senior Advisor

Re: Un and US elections

@bruce MN wrote:

If the topic is elections there can be no more  a relevant,  prescient, applicable "fact" to be considered than Kenneth Blackwell.

It's the n####r's fault right Bruce? Can't trust the n####r. Get your hood out., there's a n####r getting a little too uppity.