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Re:main idea is !!!!! wanna debate ?????

martin will never assault any one again!!!!!!!---

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Re:say hes had nuff now reckon ????

good way to post the little dopers feelings !!!!!

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Re: Re:GREAT POST!!!!!!!!

Yes, Z shouldn't have been following him, but (if his story is correct)  Martin shouldn't have confronted him.

I am yet unsure if Z continued to follow, after being told he 'didn't have to do that' or not.   He might have, but might have not.

Either way, it brings up at least some amount of 'reasonable doubt'.


I'm not going to stand on a soapbox, and try to pound on, about how Z is 'innocent', because I can't prove it.   However, I can say, that from what I know of the case, that the prosecution didn't seem to be able to prove him guilty.


I still think, had they gone for manslaughter or wrongful death from the start, they would have gotten a conviction.   Going all or nothing, got them nothing, and trying to get a bunch of other charges added at the last minute, after the defense rested, stunk of desperation to convict him of 'something'.   If memory serves me right, the judge allowed some of the extra charges, but not others.