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Veteran Advisor

Re: Uncharacteristic for RCP

Lies - Republican secret plans, just a pack of lies, telling people what they want to hear, to steal another election.

All of Trump's big promises look like the lies they were right now. Mexico WILL NOT PAY FOR THE F'IN WALL, just like the Mexican Pesident said again this weekend. Trump said WE ALL would be paying a FRACTION for our health insurance. Personally, I expect to see my insurance rates increase substantially before this is over, and many will have to go without it.

America got it wrong, and elected the con man - we will all suffer the consequences.

Tick Tock.....

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Re: Uncharacteristic for RCP



I agree with you. Sometimes the entire Obamacare gambit these past seven years has indeed felt like participating in one great big confidence game. I also do not see the ACA (a.k.a. Obamacare) going away anytime soon. There is just too d*mn much bi-partisan money sloshing about Washington DC these days for that to happen.


Nevertheless, if you are going to play in an old time confidence game, it is always better to have been a '"paid shill" than a "trimmed mark"....ehhh? And God bless America, AETNA, Cigna, Human, UnitedHealth, WellPoint, and the children too. What a country!


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Re: Uncharacteristic for RCP

(The three big reasons Republicans can't replace Obamacare)


It may very well be difficult to replace or eliminate as any government program is.  I would cut the age you can stay on your parents plan from 26 to 22, or least 24 to save some money.  Of course it would be great if it stayed at 26, or even 28 or 40 but need to look at ways to save money.


 Also wish Democrats would have done it right to begin with, with Republican input, instead of jamming something thru just because they had a super majority in congress and were willing to pass anything just to say they accomplished something, but were not smart enough to come up with a good program.  Just like the democratic politicians whom did not know what was in the plan when it was passed, both they and the taxpayers now know (thanks Pelosi) and it now is up to Republicans to fix the mess they were left - its not always easy fixing others messes.


Its also true that one cannot take ole Robert Reich to seriously, didn't he have an article pre-election, titled something like:  "The three big reasons Trump cannot defeat Hillary for President".

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Re: Uncharacteristic for RCP

(Mexico WILL NOT PAY FOR THE -'-- WALL, just like the Mexican Pesident said again this weekend.)


So, you'll listen & believe anything the Mexian, Iranian & Cuban leaders say -  but not the Israeli & Russian leaders?


Hasn't Mexico already started paying for the wall via Trump saving Carrier & Ford jobs & plants and thus Mexico losing out on this revenue?


Maybe Mexico would be smart to work with Trump and the USA as to how the 2 Countries can build a wall together.  Probably won't happen as the Mexian government is to reliant on the income from drugs brought into our Country.

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Re: Uncharacteristic for RCP

Does anyone take the little progressive midget seriously? Not much of any

substance in his essay......good fodder for Mankato liberals to read and nod

their heads to in the Mankato Free Press rag of a newspaper.


Trump did the political move of saying that pre-existing conditions and children

up to age 26 should be covered by "insurance" but that is not how insurance 

works. Insurers should be able to discriminate based on age, lifestyle choices,



The funding of Obamacare through tax increases will be gone in short order,

and the rest of the mess will be gone in a year or so. The biggest obstacle will

be the constant barage of "Fake News" on the subject from progressive acolytes

such as Reich.....such as his false statement that people making from $10 to $75

grand will have a "Tax increase".

Senior Contributor

Re: Uncharacteristic for RCP

Drain the Swamp!