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Unemployment Rate

Trump's jobs plan is working GREAT! Nearly the lowest unemployment figures in history! Maybe we need to IMPORT workers to build the GREAT WALL of AMERICA! Or to work at McDonalds - or at Google, Amazon, or every other job in the US.

Trump's continuing rhetoric reminds me of bar talk (I don't do bars - but I know people that do. Some of the biggest BSers anywhere). And Trump, he Trump's them all for bloated claims of his accomplishments. It's any everyday barrage of lies, the best bar talker in the world....

Tick Tock....

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Re: Unemployment Rate

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Unemployment Rate

Well, there`s 95 million out of the workforce, do you propose keeping all 95 million on entitlements?   Gone in the 40/hr week plus time and half overtime living wage job and in it`s replacement is 30 hour work week, no bennefits and no where near a living wage, taxpayer subsidization.


It`s human nature, if good jobs are impossible to find and you can sign up for all the government welfare available which amounts to $38,000/yr..of course that easier path will be taken.  


As good jobs come in, do understand that the unemployment rate will go up as those out of the workforce will now start looking for work.