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Unemployment juggling and corruption

There are a number of articles regarding this practice. 


In addition did you ever consider how high the unemployment would be if we ended the warS in Iraq and Afghanistan?  If all those troops that are held over were added to the unemployment rolls and if we didn't keep pulling in new recruits as they leave high school the unemployment would be even higher.


"Each month Census gives Labor a figure on the number of workers it has hired. That figure goes into the closely followed monthly employment report Labor provides. For the past two months the hiring by Census has made up a good portion of the new jobs.
Labor doesn't check the Census hiring figure or whether the jobs are actually new or recycled. It considers a new job to have been created if someone is hired to work at least one hour a month.
One hour! A month! So, if a worker is terminated after only one hour and another is hired in her place, then a second new job can apparently be reported to Labor . (I've been unable to get Census to explain this to me.)

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Re: Unemployment juggling and corruption

at least those who viewed it must have agreed.


Re: Unemployment juggling and corruption

There probably needed to be something new or revealing in it to garner much comment.


Labor stats have been tweeked and skewed for ages.

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standard liberal reply

Boy that gets old.  Do you liberals think the answer to every wrong doing or problem is "everybody did it" or "it has been done that way before?"


Re: standard liberal reply

The big question is what your folks tend to do about unemployent once you take the Congress back over come the winter.


As for the orignal post, it's inconcievable to me how so much of this can be new to you people who were never really interested in such matters before,  when your politcal interests were only cultural and social.


And BTW, if you could find a way to look at this honestly, my response should be seen as conservtive. I didn't say I had ever approved of it. Have been aware of it for a long, long time. Have always thought it was wrong and deceptive.

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what would work

I can only guess what "we" will do.  Because the we isn't necessarily really we.  Lower taxes, get rid of the onerous health care bill, give a long term commitment to laws so that people are willing to invest and take chances.  Curb the EPA and its excessive intrusion.  Get rid of the black hole that is government loans to people that can't make payments.  Close the borders and enforce the immigration laws.  These are a few of the things that "we" would do.  Right now the biggest threat to our nation is the congress and the president.  The lack of positive leadership, the constant attack on working people and the massive transfers of money to the excessively rich by our own government via bailouts is causing business to pull back and be reticent to invest or hire.  They don't know what it's going to cost them or what is going to be made illegal next.

Not a climate that instills confidence of investment.

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Re: standard liberal reply

Boys, this `free trade` theory experiment has flopped. You want folks put back to work? start instituting tariffs on goods coming into this country ASAP. Case in point : Local Cummins filtration recently moved a plant to Mexico. Had the company bigwigs knew those "cheap" filters coming back to America would each have a $5 tariff  slapped on them, would they have moved ??  Not bloody likely. Will Repubs and Dems bring back tariffs?? Not bloody likely. Keep doin` what you`re doin` and you`ll keep gettin` what you`re gettin`. 

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Re: It's interesting

That you view the current administration as the cause of the publics lack of confidence. As if they were the catalyst for all the turmoil in the financial markets. That's like someone with pneumonia saying it was caused by the cough. If only i didn't cough I would be healthy.


The lack of confidence was caused by the insecurity in the financial markets and not by any of Obama policies. To think otherwise is simply hog wash. Obama was not responsible for the fraud in the banking centers and on wallstreet. He cannot magically restore confidence to the financial markets. I don't think anyone can as it will take time to recover from this recession/mini depression.


People have to have to have financing available for businesses to run and rehire.  The financial markets have determined that casino action and fraud is much more profitable than lending to small business. A rigged deck with losers on both sides of the table. Only the dealers show the huge profits. Everyone else loses.


The onerous health bill has cost you nothing yet. You have had lower taxes both during the Bush years and the Obama year and we are not exactly booming. Government is not free and you have to learn that you need to pay for it. The fairy tale of lower taxes and balanced budgets is just that. A fairy tale.

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Re: did you ever stop to think

All those troops occupied in foreign lands could be living and consuming in the US of A and doing something productive with their lives? Do you not think that increased consumer demand would creat more jobs. You sound like we are damned lucky to have them over there.


That sounds like amiliaristic philosopher. Trying to find any justification for continued military spending and armed intervention.

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when you're off base you're way off

Wall street is being harassed by the Obama administration.  It's the Obama admin that has caused the fear to lend.  It's the constant threat of new taxes, the new health care bill that will bankrupt small business, it's the cap and tax bill that will make heating your home too expensive that has the country scared. 

We aren't investing or hiring because we have no idea how all this is going to play.  Our only hope is to hang on long enough for some conservatives to overturn a lot of these regulation. 

Every time we turn around Obama and his army of bureaucrats are coming up with some new way to cost us more and return nothing.

The most recent was a decision to force those who own rental property must be certified and must follow specific work practices.  In simple terms, you can't fix your own rental property without attending classes and getting special permits, costs in the hundreds of dollars.  That will make rents higher or lower the income for landlords.  The benefit?  NONE to renters or landlords.