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Re: Such nonsense

This financial collapse began in 2008 not in 2009 or 2010.

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Re: Such nonsense

Don! Don't confuse the poor man! It's beyond his comprehension! A Republican president and congress that could have possibly caused this mess?? Parish the thought! But then, Republicans stand for less taxes, smaller government, right, wehav?


Re: when you're off base you're way off

Whatever credibility you may have had:


"Wall street is being harassed by the Obama administration. "

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Re: what would work

Bruce is right.  Stats have been tweaked and skewed forever.  All presidents and leaders most sell their wars and major programs and will typically embellish the facts to reach their objective.  I also believe most presidents are given way to much more credit then they deserve for any booming economic times or recessions that took place under their watch.  The economy is bigger and more complex then any one person and it takes time to create much of a move but I do agree presidents can have an impact.  I too worry about increased costs to consumers associated with Dem's plans for cap and trade.  While the EPA at times gives us examples of to much power coupled with a lack of common sense, the ongoing oil leak in the Gulf shows us the important need at times for strict government imposed rules and supervision.  


I see many Repubs campaigning on the promise to kill Dems health care reform if elected.   While I agree it was not an A+ attempt at reform I have to ask these Repubs just what are your plans after you kill the Dem's reform?  Do you not agree medical costs must be contained as rising costs are greatly hurting both individuals and businesses and something needs to be done now and not later?  This is a major reason companies in the U.S. have a hard time competing in a global market. 


I don't agree with tariffs as BA suggests as that tends to lead to a true slippery slope involving repeated reprisals often involving products that were not involved in the original dispute.


wehav, be happy that new rules on rental property do not require the hiring of all union labor as well.