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bruce MN

Re: I dunno....maybe they've gone crazy

I hope you are feeling better or do so soon.


Wondering if you caught the broadly diverse spread of ethnic sounding names in the Tiabbi piece that nox put up?




Red Steele
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Re: I dunno....maybe they've gone crazy

Thanks for the link to the article and especially the comments. That is a piece of accurate writing that you will not find in the *ew York times.


The comment that Romney, like Obama, is bought and paid for is apt, too.


Two turds floating in the same toilet. Flush the pot in 2012, and one will be left.


Just for the record, my great grandparents on my mothers side have the same Jewish surname that Eichman appropriated when he fled Germany.


I am about as Heinz 57 as a midwesterner as you will ever find, and my extended family is even much more ethnic.


So I can comment as I choose....non of it is racial, ethnic or any other thing. You probably don't have that ability without it being deemed racist or prejudicial.

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Re: UNLESS there is another war....

@schnurrbart wrote:

I certainlyt don't begrudge wnyone who has "made it" but what bothers me is that the vast majority of those kind of folks don't pay near what the law on taxes say they should according to the tax brackets.  I pay real close to the % that my income level bracket says I should and I think they should also.  I'm not worried about how much they make as long as how they do it is legit but I do wish they would pay closer to the 35% they are supposed to.

I'm with you 100% on that.  I'd even be in favor of raising the income on which you pay SS taxes on, if it will help float the boat. 
Just IMO, we FIRST need to get eveyone paying the %% they are supposed to, cut unneeded spending, and only then raise taxes as necessary.  To those who want to raise the tax rates first, I disagree.  If Joe Bigshot is only paying 10% now, instead of 35%, what makes you think raising the rate to 40% will cause him to suddenly pay his fair share?