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Re: Actually

I don't blame you for going to get needed dental work done in the cheapest place you can reasonably get to.  On the other hand I don't know how you can criticize American business for moving overseas or hiring non-American or non union labor.  They are trying to keep their costs down too.  Big government, more regulation and strong labor unions are not the answer to that problem.


Unions have served a purpose in this country to improve working conditions, pay, benefits, etc.  but they have always had an air of corruption to them for a long time.  When unions first gained power in this country they did so with the help of a liberal president, FDR, and with violence.  I also think that they have contributed to our country's manufacturing demise.  While we are still the number one manufacturer of products in the world, we have lost alot of industry over the years because of higher labor and regulatory costs.  Our auto companies are dying in part because of huge union pensions.  Airlines have been through hell over the years in part because of uncompetitive labor costs.  I'm sure there are exceptions to this but it seems that most union companies are uncompetitive with non union companies.  Unions demand too much of employers.  Benefit costs are way out of whack.  Because of unions we are now paying government employees on average $12/hour more than employees make in the private sector.  The fact that unions spent $10 million on the Arkansas election to get Blanche Lincoln defeated while at the same time working the halls of Congress for a bailout of their poorly run pension plans is flat out wrong.  I'm not saying that union members are not good hardworking people.  I think that their leadership appears to be misguided and not very good.  Union resurgence is not what this country needs at this time.     

Senior Contributor

Re: Union money in Arkansas election.....

i loved it there is nothing better than to see a thug org union BLOW the retirees pension ---but then that is probably better than watching their money people steal it ---which they are known for