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Senior Contributor

Re: its called osamacare

in action everyone knows the va people were given bonuses if they made it look good like all useless gov people wanna debate or run
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Re: Us single payer in action

Will you ever wake up and realize, the Republicans are the real problem, in America? To accuse me of not caring about the Vets, is really quite a joke. The record doesn't lie, turdie!

Veteran Advisor

Re: Us single payer in action

I'm on govt care and have not seen any of what you are complaining about. You shouldn't be worried anyway. You aren't a veteran.
Senior Contributor

Re: Us single payer in action

Stewart has a good point, in that the problems with the VA didn't just materiallize when Obama got elected, they have been brewing for some time.  
I have firsthand experience with the VA, dealing with a couple family members, and honestly, I cannot complain about the quality of care that they recieved when in the VA (I never saw evidence of the claims of neglect) but I can say that scheduling headaches abounded, and seemed to be getting worse, in the last 10 years or so (this is just what I have seen, could be different in other places.   Also note, I said 10 years or so, I am not blaming Obama for the entire problem, any criticism of him, would center on his campaign promise to 'fix' the VA, which hasn't happened yet.   However, I do not think it is because he intended harm to anyone, as much as he was overwhelmed by what the Presidency entialed.)