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Useless eaters

While the Trumpiest precincts have contributed Covid deaths at 5.3X the rate of the least since 6/30/21, they were largely just expendables.

They won’t matter In hardly any of the gerrymandered congressional districts or polarized states where they mostly reside.



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Re: Well, there is an economic downside for ...

Well, there is an economic downside for those "taker" states, the decline in Social Security payments.  And we know for a fact that in some of these "taker" states, those monthly Social Security checks make up a significant portion of their rural communities' cash flow.  A few thousand deaths of their useless eaters translate into a lot more useless eaters not eating than you might first expect.

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Re: Well, there is an economic downside for ...

If This turns out to be the last big wave and is now starting into slow decline, we’ll probably have 1.2-1.4M excess deaths by Spring. 

Hard to figure that’s more than 3-400k net MAGA but on balance that number probably represents those who took one for the team through ignoring public health advise or vaccines.

As I said, probably not mostly in areas where it will make a huge political difference, but when they’re probably losing 1M/yr to demographics it does add up.