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Re: VP candidates in Iowa yesterday

(What is your take on the dumpster using money from his charity to pay for personal items...)

First, as you know, this Washington Post reporter is biased, very anti Trump & pro Clinton so we will need collaboration.  If true however it would be enough for me to not vote for him - in a normal year.  However in this cycle the Democratic party has nominated Hillary.


Now, what is your take on this:  The Fragrance Foundation pays Bill Clinton $260,000 for a 1 hour speech.  The Clinton Foundation organized and partially funded money to Haitian farmers to plant Lime trees to enrich the Fragrance Industry.  So Clinton personally receives $260,000 and then the Clinton Foundation (other peoples money)  partially funds an activity to enrich the same people that gave the Clinton's $260,000.  We also need collaboration for this story, wonder if the lefty Washington Post guy will investigate.

Re: VP candidates in Iowa yesterday





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Re: VP candidates in Iowa yesterday

Didn't realize Bill was running for president. 


So you are willing to look past things dumpster has done, and continues to do, possibly the same thing shillary has done, but since he is a bigot you will vote for him?   Nice guy. 


But will agree it doesn't matter who is in the white house come January.  If it is clinton, then country will continue on as status quo.  Dump gets in, the world will cease to exist once he finds out where the red button is.

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Re: VP candidates in Iowa yesterday



" the homosexuals " ?


Tell me how you feel about " the Blacks "


Or " the white heterosexual subsidy lovin' gov't corn growers "

Re: VP candidates in Iowa yesterday

Hey RJG,


I'm not getting anything off either link- you have anything else on it?



Re: VP candidates in Iowa yesterday

Hi Nox


just Google "Scott Walker news"


An op Ed by John Nichols detailing all the shenanigans and false voter fraud claims. Also references the treasure trove of emails the Guardian came up with regarding the same and the dark money machine.  Thinking people will get it, most on here not so much 

Re: VP candidates in Iowa yesterday

Yeah sure. Next thing you're going to tell me is that some of the Good People here knowingly link stories from their Trusted Sources without heed to the veracity.


Actually not sure of my standing on that matter because I imagine they never consider the notion, so perhaps technically innocent. Or something like that.


Like the palefaced preacher's kid, the urgency of the cause trumps all else.

Re: VP candidates in Iowa yesterday

Hey Harry?  Are you talking about the industrialized pig business?  

BA Deere
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Re: VP candidates in Iowa yesterday

Obamacare exacerbated the industrialization of the healthcare business.  Small rural clinics are closing because they need to see +16 patients each day to break even, a nurse practitioner probably can`t do it only a kick @$$ doctor can, the record I heard was a doctor seeing 28 patients/1 day that is impressive, but not sustainable.


These idiots that show up late destroy the structure for the day..but they don`t give a crap, after their yelling fit they just go down to urgent care or the ER...they ain`t paying the bill, they`re on fricken Obamacare!