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Vaccination data

The cumulative statistics generally lag by a few days due to the reporting system, so we're likely blowing past 25 million by this point, not to mention the million-plus daily pace that has been achieved. Not bad for "no plan," eh? America still has real challenges on this front – bottlenecks, dysfunction, supply issues, etc., all of which demand serious attention and improvement. Flaws and shortcomings absolutely exist and must be addressed. Nobody is arguing any of this is perfection, or anything close to it. But among Western nations with reliable data, the US ranks third on per capita vaccination doses administered, vastly outperforming all of continental Europe. A bronze medal isn't a gold, of course, but it's clear evidence that worst-case doomsaying from some quarters is simply untrue. I've hardly been an unflinching apologist for President Trump's approach to, or messaging on, the pandemic. But overlooking good news is indefensible, as is attributing failures to political actors when the facts don't support it (this Reuters piece is especially instructive on that point). For some of that good news, I recommend this worthwhile column by Alicia Smith about the remarkable success of Operation Warp Speed, which Team Biden is fortunate to inherit. And there's another very positive development on the vaccine front, evidently right around the corner:

The first single-dose COVID-19 vaccine could get emergency approval in just two weeks, Dr. Anthony Fauci said late Friday. “I would be surprised if it was any more than two weeks from now that the data will be analyzed and decisions would be made” about the vaccine being developed by New Jersey-based Johnson & Johnson, Fauci said during an appearance on “The Rachel Maddow Show.” “We’ll look at the data and determine if it’s ready to be given to the public,” Fauci said, “so they can go to the FDA to ask if they can get an emergency use authorization.” Fauci said the US government was working with different companies on six vaccine candidates, two of which have already gotten the go-ahead for use on an emergency basis, one from Pfizer and the other from Moderna. These two both require cold storage and two doses. The J&J vaccine doesn’t have the same need to be kept super-cold, Fauci said, and only requires one dose.

There's more:

Johnson & Johnson board member Dr. Mark McClellan told CNBC that “if the clinical trial works out,” the company could significantly increase the nation’s Covid vaccine supply availability within the coming weeks.  “I do know that J&J is making a very large supply, going all out with its production, both here in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world, with the goal of having perhaps enough vaccines for 100 million Americans by spring, by this April or so,” said the former FDA Commissioner in a Thursday evening interview

Initial indicators about the safety and efficacy of J&J's one-and-done jab are very encouraging. Imagine the efficient breakthrough of tens of millions of doses of one-stop, easy-to-store vaccine doses flooding the market, in addition to the massive progress with the two-dose Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Hopefully that ball will get rolling in a matter of weeks. In the meantime, Team Biden is busy whispering falsehoods to gullible reporters, and lashing out at journalists who point out that the US was already on track to achieve the president's big "100 million vaccine doses in 100 days" goal:

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Re: Vaccination data

Say anything less than completely derogatory about trump and you are a terrorist.

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Re: Vaccination data

Well, you are a terrorist.

But I did say originally that it was more about the messaging- when a POTUS lies 30K times in 4 years it infuses the entire administration. 

It was just another big PR campaign while they completely ignored the complexities of administration. Just for some cover while they attempted to steal the election.

Which the echo chamber can immediately turn into an example of victimhood.

Given that the development and manufacture of the vaccines was paid for by the US taxpayer there is absolutely no reason we shouldn't be #1 by a large margin.

America First.

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Re: Vaccination data

Joe * lied when he said he had a covid plan.