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Vaccine paradox

Dennison says one coming by November. Telling States to be  building distribution centers.

Pharma companies teaming up to say they agree that they will release no vaccine “before it’s time”, i.e. proven safe and effective.

But then, if and when it is available it runs in to the sticker  that it is an unquestionable fact that the anti-VAX movement lies deep in the roots of Q and other alt-right conspiracy fueled  movements. I’ve only seen one poll recently on accepting and getting vaccinated and it showed that 40% of the public say that they won’t get vaccinated if one becomes available.

Dennison is pimping the devil out of his vaccine plank, but his base doesn’t feel COVID is a real problem and aren’t likely to get vaccinated if they could. And, of course, if one finally comes along in a new administration they won’t want to get that Bill Gates micro chip that comes with it.

What a cluster.

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Covid19 = Gunculator

Hogans Heros, life imitating art from 50yrs ago ...spoiler alert* at end of episode Hogan promises Klink that he will never invent a (non-existent) Gunculator again  Smiley Very Happy    I just invision Hogan today promising Klink that he won`t come up with a Covid vaccine  Smiley Very Happy   

This episode takes a turn for the silly as Carter is building a rabbit trap with spare parts from the Stalag. When Schultz sees the contraption, they tell him that it is a Gonculator (a name made up). All of the sudden Klink and Burkhalter are interested in the useless machine thinking it is some kind of secret weapon. And they go ahead and let the men build the 'gonculator' and then take credit for the capture.

The reason that Hogan's men are going for such a large ruse is that Major Lutz, who is a expert in electronics, is in charge of building bomb devises and want to escape Germany. Hogan will try to get Lutz to make a visit to the Stalag so an escape can be made.

There are some nice parts like when Klink and Burhalter will not admit that they never heard of a 'gonculator'. Even the ending is so far-fetched that it becomes funny that no German thought to investigate. Not the best episode but nice to watch.


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Re: Covid19 = Gunculator

We are talking real life, ba talking about fiction...see the problem with trump supporters ?


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Re: Vaccine paradox

Won't be a vaccine by Nov so why get all worked up about it. 

What democrats need to worry about, I've heard that covid-1984 positive people have been embedded in the postal system, tasked with coughing on mail in ballots as they're delivered to democrat homes.    Best not touch those ballots.

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Re: Vaccine paradox

The curious situation is that while the FDA is being politically illegitimized, the vaccine makers are entering a pact to try to ensure that they don't end up as ETTD collateral damage.


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Re: Vaccine paradox

still at a loss about how MN Viking assistant coach Rick Dennison would be involved with national vaccines.

Maybe it has something to do with that imaginary heart disorder that nutz has been promoting?

when it comes to a pair of doofus twins, this forum has the best tandem in nutz and boris.

Re: Vaccine paradox ever.