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Vertical agriculture

Item pulled from Twitter. Does this concept intrigue anyone? Seems pretty far out, relative to mainstream production agriculture. Design ideas are interesting, though, no?
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Re: Space - Age Victory Garden

Wow, that is kind of like a space-age Victory Garden.

I have a feeling that the general population of the world, standing on the edge of a global Depression, will be thinking a whole lot more about food, and their ability to be assured an access to it.

I am seeing a lot of gardens being planted this year than I have ever seen before.

If there is plenty of food around.... folks have plenty of things to occupy their minds,

If there is a scarcity of food ..... there is only ONE thing on their minds.

Senior Advisor

Re: Vertical agriculture

I have some topsy turvy tomatos planted so I will be able to tell you how well inverted farming works. It sure is nice farming at waist level and no weeding. Just water them daily and an occasional shot of miracle grow. I told my son to fatten up a pig so we could have bacon and tomato sandwiches.


Re: Vertical agriculture

I haven't heard of any indoor grow system (using artificial lights) that was actually profitable that was growing legal commodities. Well, maybe out of season flowers and bean sprouts, but nothing that was actually competing with conventionally grown products.