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Vets Group Support Trump

BOOM: Vets Group Has a BOLD Response to Trump’s Comments on McCain That No
One Saw Coming

Presidential candidate Donald Trump continues to gain allies for his
presidential bid, and one of the most recent shows of support comes
from an unlikely group.

This time, Trump gets a thumbs up from Veterans for a Strong America, a
grassroots veterans group committed to ensuring that America remains a
strong nation by safeguarding freedom, advancing liberty and opposing

The group issued a statement Saturday supporting Trump, a move many
might not have expected considering the feud between Trump and Senator
John McCain, a Vietnam veteran.

Trump recently spoke in Arizona on issues such as immigration and
national security where his opinions were well-received. McCain
indicated Trump was working people into a frenzy and bringing out “the
crazies” with his comments.

Trump then fired back, saying he didn’t think McCain was a genuine war
hero. “He’s not a war hero,” Trump said, “He’s a war hero because he
was captured… I like people that weren’t captured.”

While the dispute between the two men shows no signs of going away,
Veterans for a Strong America released a statement about the situation,
explaining why they support Trump.

The group stated that Trump’s success in Arizona “belies a concern the
Senator clearly has about how his stance on issues like immigration are
perceived by his constituents.”

The group went on to say that the feuding between the men has nothing
to do with Trump’s “high regard for the military or veterans as a whole.”

The statement claimed that McCain is a politician and Trump has tapped
into the fact that “people just don’t trust politicians and the slow
pace the Congress is moving in addressing critical issues like border
security, veteran’s issues and military funding.”

The group stated Trump is identifying problems Washington politicians
are not adequately addressing, including why 250,000 veterans were put
onto a VA death list, why 40,000 active troops will receive pink slips
in the next few years and why border security is not addressed.”

The group also pointed out that one of Trump’s most appealing
characteristics — fighting back when someone attacks him — shouldn’t be
held against him.

The support for Trump seems to keep growing by the day, which will no
doubt make for a very interesting campaign season.
4 Replies
Senior Contributor

Re: Vets Group Support Trump

The righties see nothing wrong with Trump disrespecting a hero like McCain, but  a negro disrespecting a cop deserves a death sentence.

Senior Advisor

Re: Vets Group Support Trump

@OKdon wrote:

The righties see nothing wrong with Trump disrespecting a hero like McCain, but  a negro disrespecting a cop deserves a death sentence.

Trump would have nothing had McCain not called him and his supporters crazies for wanting to enforce US immigration laws.