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Voting with Your Feet...Moving

Has anyone noticed any people in either strong conservative areas, or strong democratic socialist areas moving either in or out? Was just thinking about this when a neighbor said that their very liberal landlords had left the farm, left the area, and moved into a large town. The Mrs.....well, think she is a Mrs. but she did keep her parents last name , never got out of bed until afternoon ever since Trump was elected POTUS according to them and was in a perpetual state of funk. TDS to the nth degree.


I know that I looked at Texas and Florida ranches/farms the days and weeks after MN went all blue in statewide elections, but since my neighbors are all pretty much conservatives like me, and I think most of non-Metro MN is also, I will take my chances that the "good guys" here are going to prevail...hopefully by the ballot box. I pity the mood of the out state if any AOC policies start being debated here....people are nice, MN nice, but that can fade really quickly, and the fortitude of country folks is not something pansy liberals probably want to mess with.