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Senior Contributor

Re: WOW it just keeps getting worse!!

Brucie, You are asking the people involved to hang themselves? Yeah like that is going to happen...…………..

And you wonder why some thing you lefties are slow.

Senior Advisor

Re: WOW it just keeps getting worse!!

3020 -- Obviously, anyone with any sense would think this Biden matter should be investigated, if that is what is necessary to discover and document the truth.  It is not an impeachable offense to ask for it.  The Democrats continue to frame this as a request to get dirt on an opposing presidential candidate, and therefore an attempt to influence the 2020 election.  In actuality, it is a continuing attempt to get to the bottom of events leading up to the actual truth of the foreign influences in the 2016 election, and since the Biden issues have come to light, to understand also the truth of those matters.  Investigating Biden is no more off-limit than investigating the President, both are announced 2020 candidates.