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bruce MN


What i’ve Been pocking up from veterans. Particularilly from combat vets.  

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Re: Waaa. I want a parade...

As I said, I support the troups. A veteran parade
Would be ok and sprinkle in some military
If the troups don't want this, who does and why,
A p#$@&+$ contest with NK ??

The Vietnam vets DESERVE it. In our little corner
Of the world a turkey hunt is held for vets. The
Ones that were in Vietnam still have problems.
One fellow we worked with as one of the hunters
Went in right out of high school...I mean a couple less than 8 months he went from
The broad plains of Kansas, a young buck chasing
All the good looking girls in two counties, to a
Machine gun in his hands in rice Patty in a land
Thousands of miles from home.
He saw things you see in the movies, and worse.
He had his orders
Then his c.o. told him one day his time was up..
Within 72 hours, he landed in California. He was
So glad and so happy to be home and away from
"That place" he said he kissed the concrete.

Along the fence there was alot of people
He thought they were they got
Closer, they could hear they were hollering baby
He got home and some people wanted nothing
To with him, even the old church lady's and same
With one of the preachers..
He said all of that bothered him...and let alone
The stuff he saw.

Currently the military is "busy"...several ongoing
Operations, and troops and equipment
Are stationed

It would be downright dumb to move all of those
People and equipment around, just for a parade
To show off...and that is all it is
We have not done this in the past, we were and
Still are secure in our faith in the troups...

For all they do, now the commander and tweet
Wants them to goose step down the streets of

Cheif of staff Kelly will have his hands full that
Day getting Tweety his cotton candy, ballon,
Popcorn, and diet Coke Durning the parade.

Does he get his pony ride in the rose garden
After the parade ??

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Re: Waaa. I want a parade...

Fine make floats with flowers in the shape of each branch’s insignia. Have scantily clad women in sailor hats tossing candy to children. But have the dignity to keep our gun in its holster. We are not N Korea marching our troops kicking the butt of the soldier ahead of them. As the most powerful country in the world and with so many resenting our presence all around the world we have more need than ever to not flaunt our might
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Re: Waaa. I want a parade...

I never did care much for parades. Not even when I was in Little League and we walked in my Iowa town’s 4th of July parade.


Later in life I never figured out how to march worth a d*mn. My manual of sword and close order drill commands were always a source of painful embarrassment. Most of all, they just made me tired and left me thinking of the last words of Lincoln’s condemned man who as he was about to be hanged said that he just wished to avoid the honor of the whole thing.


I never did care much for parades.


Re: Waaa. I want a parade...

WWII ended with the US and allies in an unequivocally victorious position. 10 million + had served in the military and the entire nation had contributed or endured hardship in the effort.


Nothing since has compared- citizens have generally been expected to act as good consumer bees and the fighting was either done by people enticed by a combination of financial and patriotic inducements or, in the earlier cases, by extremely inequitable conscription.


There's rally no fair comparison.


Desert Storm was the closest thing to a victory and they got a parade, but it was later revealed as a defeat, owing to the later failures that the sense of triumphalism helped bring about.


None of this stuff really works except in a slowly failing empire.


Across history the percent of people who have fought in wars and came out relatively unscathed, and in a cause that was deemed as victorious and just, is in the low single digits.

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Re: Waaa. I want a parade...

The parade Tweety thought was so nice
Was 4.3 to 4.9 million
The last military parade held in Washington was
In 1991....approx 26 years ago, and the cost
Then was $12 million..,.so what does that
Equal $24 million ???

As the saying goes, put your money where
Your mouth is.....get out your checkbook
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Re: Waaa. I want a parade...

A victory parade is a lot different than a look what we got parade. Before ww2 we never controlled the world. We don’t need to flaunt it. If we ever have a tenth of the challenge and desperation of ww2 and throw a big one

Cadet Bonespurs

Pres. Grant went on a worldwide tour after leaving office. In France, Napoleon III asked if he would join him for a military parade in his honor.


Grant said he'd rather not, he'd seen plenty and didn't see that much good came of any of it.

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Re: Waaa. I want a parade...

The U.S as a whole sacrificed in both WWI and WWII. The wars since have been sacrifice more by those who fought than those on the home-front. Desert Storm was as close to a turkey shoot for the U.S and its allies as you could possibly get. The fact that you say Desert Storm was a defeat makes your entire post irrelevant. Let's face it Nox, the closest you have ever been to a battlefield is your television. You have sacrificed nothing for this country. I say give the Vietnam and Korean vets the parade through DC they never had. A parade doesn't have to be about an undisputed victory, it can be a THANK YOU parade for a generation of vets who largely didn't get much thanks.



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Re: Waaa. I want a parade...

Yeah - and we all know how your so called president sacrificed - dodged service with his "bone spurs" that don't seem to be a problem for him o the golf course.


Then he had the gall to say he sacrificed:


"I think I've made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard. I've created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs, built great structures. I've had tremendous success. I think I've done a lot."


He also made some reference to how difficult it was for him because of women chasing him all the time.  Yep - this guy has sacrificed much in his life.  


He hasn't sacrificed squat....but he will, as he finds his empire crumbling, and his good name that he was so careful to protect, tarnished beyond repair.  He's still the con man that was elected over a year ago with the help of Russia....and NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE THAT!


Tick Tock.....BONGx10!!!!!!!!!!