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Waht 'er the odds?

Just got to thinking about truthiness.


For every principled conservative who voted Leave on the basis of sovereignty and self-determination, there was surely one who was influenced by the campaign to stoke fear of immigration or by the gross misrepresentations of the fiscal costs by the campaign. (As per Milligan, who diligently produces clever graphics and talking points for the Good People).


Which begs my greater question about Brexit/Trump. What are the odds that people who may actually understand the difficult and complex road ahead can maintain a coalition that has the patience to do so?


As I've said, you can't overcoem excessive complexity through simplemindedness.


They may actually end up reversing the vote, or more likely fumble around for quite some time with delaying tactics. But my guess is that in any case all the known political alignments fray and scatter.


Present alignments are probably more the instruments of the destruction than any solution. Probably best to avoid them all and let it shake out.