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Re: Waiting for the official spin line

$222m. pocket change, that's hardly even a bankers contribution to a presidential reelection campaign, I keep that much in my wheelbarrow for grocery shopping.
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Re: Waiting for the official spin line

I agree on medicare fraud  but I just read recently of 500/600 million in the crop ins  fraud. That to is probably tip of abuse.  People  moving yeilds around on various farms to turn in  ins claims.

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Re: Waiting for the official spin line

@Canuck_2 wrote:

@schnurrbart wrote:

I'm sure that is the case many times but several years ago there was a dr. who was trimming toenails and charging medicare for "foot surgery".  Getting a pedicure shouldn't cost a thousand dollars!!

A good audit system should have caught something like that I would think and it would abviously be fraud with legal repercussions for the 'dr.'

There was a doctor in Ontario that lost his license as well as other penalties becuase he charged health care for 'phantom' patients.

I think the health care payment recorded tripped him up because his income/payments from the system were higher than others so an investigation was launched and the fraud in his books was proved.

Just what we need....a few 100,000 unionized federal employees to audit medicare. Spend $10 to save $1.