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Walk Away From Trump - or Run

Cindy McCain, John McCains wife, has come out saying America needs to vote for Biden.

”Come with me.  Let’s vote for Joe Biden.   Our country needs a new beginning.  We need someone with character, integrity, and empathy as well.....”

Nicely said Cindy.   All those things, Trump doesn’t have a clue as to how you go about being someone with those traits.   Welcome.....

Republicans can’t win an election, without lying......


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Senior Contributor

Re: Walk Away From Trump - or Run

McCain was a cry baby after he lost his run for president and then whined until his sleazy butt turned into worm food. And now his wife is doing the same thing.

Seems you didn't approve of him a few years ago but now is you hero? Have to give it to you brainless libs. No one knows what you are thinking on any given day. Hell 6 years from now you can be running on and on about how great Trump was!