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Walker proposes cuts for UW, Bucks Arena


Pretty much how it is, pure Rovianism, a Sherman's march across Wisconsin with the intention of scorching the earth of anyone who might aid the enemy while rewarding the (financially) loyal.


Actually Kansas is a bit better off by some measures:


The thing that is most frightening is that the potential for any single state to reduce the economic prospects for its citizens is tiny, in proportional as well as absolute terms, compared to the Federal government.


But anyway, starve the beast, government is the problem yada yada. Probably to be expected from people who get their economic news from here:


Peter Schiff for SecTreas?



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Re: Walker proposes cuts for UW, Bucks Arena

Don't suppose that Wisconsin's relatively strong historical economic performance has anything to with having had a very good K-12 and Higher Ed system, do ya?

Re: Walker proposes cuts for UW, Bucks Arena

Christie ain't doin' so hot in Jersey, either.


But at least he yells at teachers.

Re: Walker proposes cuts for UW, wants to give money for a new Bucks Arena

let them eat cake....

Polaris Racer
Senior Contributor

Re: Walker proposes cuts for UW, Bucks Arena

The UW system wasies more money than you know. This mess needs a cut and not just a little one.

Re: Walker proposes cuts for UW, Bucks Arena

Possibly. But whatdya think about Gov. Goofy next door whose state is near the top of the economic growth list?


Arguably too pretty comparable states.  And one has perhaps the most orthodox liberal governor of any state.

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The general consensus

On the progressive forum on which i encountered the following article was, 'good, red state bastardds need to die a slow death'.
Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Walker proposes cuts for UW, Bucks Arena

Well, Goofy is held in line by the solid republican base in MN, despite what Boris Yeltsin would tell you. The democrats overreached, putting in punitive tax rates and estate and gift taxes to make MN one of the worst states in the Union, and they retrenched and walked back on some of the more odious  tax increases even  before the republican seized the taxation power back in November. by winning the house comfortably.


I would attribute the business climate in MN to the decade that Tim Pawlenty held the line on spending and tax increases, not to anything that Goofy has done. Just like Bill Clinton following the 12 years of Reagan/Bush.


But whatever makes a good sound bite....go for it.

i actually concur Red

On the solid thing. My Rep. and Senator, both whom I have voted for, are Republicans and the only argument I've ever really had with them was with Sen Rosen on the stadium issue. The reason it's different here than next door is that most of the Republicans in office are generally moderate, reasonable people. Some real characters among them like that goofball former Game Warden of yours who is more bluster than anything, but there are some like that among the D's as well. For sure.

What is for certain is that extreme right winged cultural conservatives haven't quite taken over the party here. As they have done so spectacularilly in our neighbors. We've got some, of course, but they seem to have flashed and burned out. Running Emmer for Governor afforded the leadership a fine lesson and they've tamed the winger caucus considerably. And those referendums/ammendments of the past decade are no small thing. We have a high voter participation level compared to most everywhere else and there was something to be taken from them. I voted no on both off them,btw.

Dayton has a hell of a built in political barometer and understands the other party and general public sentiment very well.

Re: i actually concur Red

In this environment somebody has to push the conversation to the left and that isn't going to happen from the former center. Standing in the middle just gets you shot.


Kinda sad, trying to keep people from fullfillling their own prohesies of destruction. Kind of like poor BA who thinks he's defending his patrimony from the Zulus who are going to come over the ridge any day when the real risk to it is from turning into a banana republic.