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Walking the dogs

Went for a walk tonight with 5 of our daughters Cardigan Corgi's.

They put a pheasant up along a wheat field and then went chasing it into the wheat.

If we had a video camera with us we would have entertainment for you as we stood and laughed at the tops of heads and 2 ears that kept popping up in different places across the wheat. They would travel for a while then pop up. Not sure if they were just jumping up to get air or to see where to go next.

Camera goes with us the next time.

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Honored Advisor

Re: Walking the dogs

5 dogs Canuck? You might be a redneck if your porch caves in and kills 5 dogs Smiley Very Happy We have a Jack Russell and that`s what he does in tall grass, he bounds to see where he`s going with his ears flapping. He can catch squirrels and stiriped gophers. You`re right, funnier than all get out. 

Senior Contributor

Re: Walking the dogs

We only had 5 with us.

She breeds them.

Boards dogs too so had others that stayed at the yard.

It really was quite comical as they have erect ears so the ears showed on a hop when nothing else did. Their short legs did not allow them to see over the wheat.