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bruce MN

Wall Street Journal essay

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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Wall Street Journal essay

They lay out the problem, but I didn`t see a solution that involves protectionism, nativism, isolationism and zenophobia.   Yes, you can develope a cell phone app and become a billionaire, but for the guy down the street he needs a good paying job.   Having a crappy service job with access to alot of big box stores to buy cheap foreign crap doesn`t cut it.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

where the BS starts

about three paragraphs in:


Since the financial crisis of 2007-08, which Western leader could boast of spreading ownership in any important way? In the U.S. and Britain, the percentage of citizens owning stocks or houses is well down from the late 1980s. In Britain, the average age for buying a first home is now 31 (and many more people than before depend on “the bank of Mom and Dad” to help them do so). In the mid-’80s, it was 27. My own children, who started work in London in the last two years, earn a little less, in real terms, than I did when I began in 1979, yet house prices are 15 times higher. We have become a society of “have lesses,” if not yet of “have nots.”


A little critical thinking ....


Do more or less Americans own stocks now than did in the late 1980's? Catch what the author is doing...the spin???


Is the average house being bought, or built today comparable with the house the author bought in 1979?  The average car or pickup truck....the average big screen TV?


Statistics are quite a vehicle for outright lying.


The truth is that more , not less, Americans are affluent today than  were 35 years ago. What has happened is that we have also had an explosion of low income people being produced in the USA....and why is that? What does the US policies support and subsidize??What immigration polices did Ted Kennedy put into place?


Come on class.....its time for critical thinking instead of just reading some BS article and posting it without thinking about the who, what where, and why.


Boris, you CAN do better than what you have shown.....let's see you do it.


Instead of looking at what a stable country like Switzerland has done, the USA is drifting...hell, we are running full speed....into a nightmare third world existence.


There NEVER was enough room in Utopia for the entire world's is sad to say, but true. It is a harsh reality. Instead of importing the failed policies of places such as Kenya....the USA should have kept with its plan to export our values and systems and let the people in the third world places try to better themselves there.