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Re: Wanna know why they Hate Trump?

(forbes/chuckjones/fact checking trump economics)

If forbes or canuck ever ask my age I'm gonna give it in years, months, days, hours and minutes or they will call me a liar.


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Re: Wanna know why they Hate Trump?

I look at my own voting history, you`d think I would`ve been a Reagan fan, I was old enough to vote in his second term but never bothered registering until Perot (someone I agreed with) ran in 1992 and `96.   I voted for W in 2000 out of self-preservation and became a Republican, much the way I assume one would join a gang to stay alive in prison.

I think there are many like me, only their "canaries didn`t die as soon as mine did in 2000".  Trump said the things that took guts, like "build the wall!  Speak English or get the hell out! I`m gonna stick it to China!  Drain the swamp!" Just saying all those things are things that wouldn`t get you nominated or elected...but "canaries in coal mines died" and many of us knew this is the last chance to get on board or "pick up the soap in the prison shower".   

Harley rider types that know politicians lie and are full of crap and not worth voting for saw something different in Trump and for all the arrows shot at him, none will stick because he is in a single handed fight FOR US!   Look at that worthless scum Mitt Romney, I`m sorry I voted for that "lesser evil in 2012 out of self preservation, but it`s obvious now that he wasn`t the real deal.   But that`s the sort of garbage the Republicans have put forward to run, get the genuine article like Trump and we will crawl over broken glass for him.

The so-called lies he tells amount to him saying "the price is $8 and the time is 3 oclock"  the Liberals say "you liiiiied! The price is $7.95 and the time is 2:55"  Well, in my world $7.95 is basically $8 and 2:55 is basically 3 oclock so shove those so-called lies up your can Libs. 

And this "he`s goin` to hell cause he`s been divorced and went bankrupt and so many that worked for him went to jail"   Well, you know what, only by the grace of God all of us self righteous hypocrites aren`t bankrupt and divorced...we all live in glass houses, so the smartest among us are slow to throw rocks.  And people that worked for Trump are in jail, in Flynn`s case they kept him in court and bankrupted him and then threatened to go after his son if he didn`t confess to perjury.  What Flynn and I`m sure the others went through was persecution of Biblical proportions.

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Re: Wanna know why they Hate Trump?

''  The  Cost  of   Discipleship ''  is  a  most  interesting  read  -  -  -