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Senior Contributor

Re: War Ration Book

Nah! You've just been taught to hate him!

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: War Ration Book

Hey Marty, I`ll bet this is the "Max Wiker", it sounds like he passed away in 2002.  

Re: War Ration Book

Things are never entirely well. That's the human condition.


We've had 9 years of unprecedented profitability, which only results in more people breathing down our necks and more insecurity.


Then you die and maggots crawl out your butt.

Re: War Ration Book

I'll probably deserve all the derision that I get over this but can't resist.


Knew a guy who was a strapping 16 year old in the later days of the war. Said those were his salad days because being a farm kid he had all the gas he wanted and said that there were plenty of lonely gals whose boyfriends and husband were away at the war.


There is a lot to admire about what people were willing to be subjected to in that time. But people are still people.

Senior Contributor

Re: War Ration Book

**bleep**, I bet you are right. Thanks for the link BA.. I may look into it further. Ask wife if she rememberd where we found it but she cannot. In the neighborhood though..................

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: War Ration Book

So, Shifty, you are going on record and saying that Joseph Kennedy was NOT an evil man?


Someone that would bring a young whore home, with his wife and family present, and cavort with her? That's not evil in Shiftyville?


Someone that would frame a man and steal his business?


Who would leave his wife and family for a year to take up with Gloria Swanson, and even steal some of her money?


The evil old man makes JFK and Teddy look like choir boys, and that is saying quite a lot.


Lobotomizing the daughter for doing a fraction of what he and his sons did should have reserved a prime spot in Hell for him if he had done nothing else in his lifetime.


Evil incarnate.