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Senior Contributor

Re: War monger?

In a puff of smoke the problem could be gone

Senior Contributor

Sorry Canuck, but

You were perfectly happy for Canada to intervene in Libya when it was a fairly stable and prosperous place, then Canada ran from any responsibility in the "excrement" hole it has become.     

Re: War monger?

It appears trump is trying to ostracise China as he did to Iran. Should be interesting if he puts battle ships off their coast.
Senior Contributor

Re: War monger?

It’s so sad you have continued your state of denial.
Those marines who died for freedom is total lies. They died protecting oil interests of multinational companies.
If it were freedom, why did they kill over 100k soldiers etc to establish freedom?
The families of those slaughtered are now pleased freedom has arrived and so are the parents etc of the marines that were wasted to protect the oil.

Hilary and Obama have never been proven to operate any clandestine regime against the government of the USA. Absolute beAt up by the likes of limbaugh and co.

You need to tone down you Afro a bit. He has put you on the spot and you exploded. Not a good look.