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Veteran Advisor

Re: War ?

You really are that stupid, aren’t you?  And I’m not a girly, you stupid macho Bass Tard.

You think you could’ve stopped it?   Oh, I would’ve talked to them.   Right.   Oh man, you sure think that you are something, don’t you?    A pig farmer and Big Shot from the Farm Bureau was going to stop this mob.

Only one person could stop the mob - and he chose not to - the Bass Tard that you support. Why didn’t you call him, and tell him to stop it?   You have so much influence, why didn’t you do that?   Oh - and he would’ve listened to a pig farmer from Iowa, when he’s no longer listening to his own people.

You really are an idiot.   Get real BA - get off your high horse, and realize that Trump is in serious trouble.   

Where was the security?   My guess, is Trump wanted these people to breach the Capital.   Trump is the general in this operation - and he needs to fall on the sword.   What happened, stops with him.   This was no frat party.   And yes, I am damn angry.   Every person in America should be.   This was so easy to see coming.   And like Covid, nothing was done.


BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: War ?

They burned up part of Minneapolis, you didn`t give 2 sh-ts cause you thought they wouldn`t riot as far south as Goodhue county ..."besides, I`m well insured!" .    But 89 wildasses and one Vikings fan break into the capitol and "Oh my God!  End of the world!"  Gimmee a break.

Veteran Advisor

Re: War ?

Ok BA.....put your life where your mouth is.... ""chatter"" has it that something even bigger is planned in Jan to ""stop Biden"  to be swarn in....I will make some calls...maybe we can have a TV crew fallow you, sound like a story someone will pick up "man says he can talk to crowd and stop it". far as a frat party.....if 5

People died....the frat would be shut down.

How to you explain all the damage, cost to repair....not to mention all the laws broken ?


The capital police, secret service and fbi and atf on scene would have been justified if they would have opened fire....a number of serious laws were broken....first of all how many house and senate people were held hostage...if someone in your local town held people hostage....what would happen...the local law enforcement would have guns drawn...and if things got worse (which they did)....deadly force would be used...this is no difference.....not to mention breaking in or entering secure areas...or restricted areas.....

Note....area 51 has such go over a line....there is a very real chance you will be shot.











Senior Advisor

Re: War ?

“They” burned up part of Mpls so deranged white trash has a right to sack the capitol and attempt a coup?