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Senior Advisor

Re: this one works

Speaking of the epidemic of con artists doing affinity fraud as RW operatives and pundits.

bruce MN

Re: Warren 2003 vs Warren 2019

Could be.right about the young Warren.  She was a Registered Republican for much of her adult life.

GOP wonks concerned she might be “Teflon”.

To channel you Red, and your frequent “I talked to a guy who ran into a guy who knows a guy”  schtick I can only offer that I have (specifically) spoken with a fairly sizable number of regular Dem voters who were in the “i don’t think so” to the “No way” camps on her who are now supporting her.

Thinking that it’s quite possible that she seems to them less potentially vulnerable to the sort of attack mode campaign that will be expected from Dennison.

Senior Contributor

Re: Warren 2003 vs Warren 2019

@rsbs wrote:

the young  Indian was a moderate, now the old white woman is trying to out progressive Bernie Sanders.




Hopefully she will spend allot, and I do mean allot, of time talking about that wealth tax thing.