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Re: Was Seal Team 6 staging OBL killing?

Faust - Let's get something straight here. 


The last war that I thought was necessary was WWII. I disagreed with Viet Nam and our involvement in the Middle East pretty much all together. I believe that because of 911 and other attacks led by Al Queda that we probably had to go into Afhganistan to rout them out, but we have stayed way too long. We should pull out of the Middle East entirely and protect our own nation. Things will never go our way there and you are right when you say, "I just do not think dying for a big oil company or wall street is worth anyone's life."


I also am a little ambivolent about going after Bin Laden since he was more or less a paper lion by that time. What  I replied to indicated that the raid on Bin Laden's compound and death were a hoax unless you meant something less clear. I believe that my reply was proper for that assertion. 


PS - I can't watch You Tube, sorry. You'll have to actually tell me what song you posted.