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Washington shush.......



I'm a voter you aren't ready for !!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Washington shush.......

SW -  C Span - watching  the  Senate  Hear-rings  on  Budget  &  A C A  repeal   -  your message  is steller & priceless ---


2016 election  will be a comedy side show come 2020 ---        

Honored Advisor

Re: Washington shush.......

I been carrying that picture on my laptop for a couple of months.... Just can't discard it..... It brings a smile every time I think about it.


We have a chance to see two parties and all the press wise up a little........ but that's expecting too much.


I pray for one thing,,,, No more reports of how stupid the voters are.... if we get that, this election cycle may have been worth the embarassment.