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Senior Advisor

Washington.....what is it you don't understand ?

Hello boys and girls.  Hope all is well.  Been a bad week so far with the fires and tornado's......and the crazy things going on in Washington.

OK, let's just get to the meat of insurance.  The new house bill has been introduced....Trump is behind it, and

it has over 100 amendments already......all of that tells me, we have a $%# mess.  What I don't understand, the republicans are just

soo nuts on getting it past, they can't even be told thing that they want to bypass is the CBO to look at it and figure out

its effect on, they don't want remember trump was wanting all bill studied, to see if there is any additional cost

or new rule or regs....and this they don't want to , trump said it, now he doesn't.

remember trump talked about the ability of groups to form, it wasn't in the bill proper.....

it's funny, the republicans can't understand there is a problem, even tho the AMA (American medical association), AARP, American

Hospital Association, and many others are aginst it.......yet they are forging ahead.......are the really that stupid and dumb ?

don't they realize people are not happy......if not careful they'll be in the same pickle that the democrats were in.

why is it they can't listen to people, understand what they are saying, what the people of this country want.......they just have it

in their heads "they just know".....

How do you lower health insurance costs ?  well first a lot of the preventative things, let it be paid for, via a policy, but will

count tward deductible and out of pocket.


I think we're just  going to have to let our elected people tell them what we want.....they don't have a clue.  They have good insurance,

and maybe just don't understand.


I just don't understand it anymore...they say one thing, point fingers, then do something else, that turns out just as sour as

the other we go back and forth, and we loose.


if a small group here here in the middle of no where, can learn things, tried to get things organized, could talk to hospitals,

practice groups, health insurance companys, plan management companys, and actuary companys......just what is wrong with

that bunch back east ?  We were told what was wrong, what would work, etc..but you tell them that back east and just

just don't care, or listen or understand, they just "know it".


I frankly am loosing faith in them on everything........and the worst is, we are getting into some messes world wide, where things

could get out of control.....and i'm sorry, I don't think trump has the management skills to deal with a critical, dangerious

situation.....and his staff around him......if they make such a mess of things like they have since the 20th of January,

they keep dropping the are they going to handle a critical situation.....that worries me.


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Veteran Advisor

Re: Washington.....what is it you don't understand ?

Are they really that stupid and dumb?


Trump simply lied about all the big plans, great plans, America was going to love his plans.

Lies....just lies, just like many here said, during the entire election process. It's what I saw....too bad, so many others were taken in by the slick con man, our so called president.

Tick Tock.....

Senior Contributor

Re: Washington.....what is it you don't understand ?

jennys it is not technically a lie if the person stating it does not know the truth.


And if he actually thinks what he says is true and not a lie, actually believes what he is saying, then that is even more scary.