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Water supply crisis in Flint Michigan

Okay, this really makes me angry, the government basically poisoned the city of Flint to save a few pennies and pure stupidity.  The city was switched from the relatively clean Lake Huron water to the nasty Flint River, plus it went through lead pipes and this has been going on since 2014.  


This is what happens when you depend on the government for your health.  Good country well water can`t be beat, they tried to get everyone hooked up to "rural water" and no one wanted the it flopped. 


Those that have been poisoned with this city water, that has the lead, and the Flouride and the Chlorine.  What I would suggest to them is to first don`t drink the crap, then take a Iodine supplement to flush these toxins out.   


I can about guarantee almost everyone is deficient in Iodine.  The salt doesn`t contain near enough Iodine.  There`s a Iodine supplement that you put a few drops on a patch of skin and if it disapears in 5, 6 hours, you are really deficient.  I`ve been putting a few drops everyday on my thigh and it absorbs and I gotta say, I have never felt better, sharp as a tack.  Here`s some info on it, be careful what you buy, some forms of Iodine, some forms aren`t to be used for supplements.

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Re: Water supply crisis in Flint Michigan

Apparently, CNN, isn't the best of news organizations, because they got it wrong about where Flint was getting it's water. It wasn't as they said, Laker Huron. The water they were drinking was from the Detroit water system. They switched from the Detroit system to save, now get this, $100.00 measely dollars a day, to the Flint river. How'd this happen? Gov. Snyders' city managers, one of those people who walks into an elected city government, and tells them what they are going to do! Forget Democracy, just walk right in and take it over.

Re: Water supply crisis in Flint Michigan

Austerity forever!!

Re: Water supply crisis in Flint Michigan

GM had quit using water from the river in manufacturing processes because it corroded parts.


That isn't a joke.


It is also pretty significant in regards to how municipal insovencies will be handled in the future. Probably points toward more outright bankrupties as opposed to something like the emergency manager system- I think pols will think twice before risking political suicide and let the courts do it.