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Wayne Cryts, blast from past..MF potpourri

Wayne Cryts was a Missouri farmer that fought the Feds after beans he had stored in a bankrupt elevator was released for any liens.  When compared to Paul Revere, he said `For all we know Revere was getting the hell out of town, the real heros were the Minute men that stayed and fought`.  Here`s a Ann Barnhardt interview by Jim Puplava   Ann tells of how Hairy Reid entered politics with only a 6 figure networth and today has a 8 figure networth all with a $170,000 Senator`s salary..lota good stuff in that interview.  Mikleson interviewed a guy yesterday that said "If you go into a politician`s office and offer him $1 million to vote a certain both go to jail. If you tell a politican to vote a certain way and you buy "these stocks" you will make $1 million, that is perfectly legal.  That is how Pelosi wiggled through her 60 Minutes interview.

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Re: Wayne Cryts, blast from past..MF potpourri

Visit at your own risk Bruce. You might some of her thumpin cooties on you.