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We need immigration control

Sanctuary cities kill.



Six members of the ruthless MS-13 gang were indicted for racketeering in connection with the murder of a teen in Lynn, with the feds saying bail should be denied because they pose a serious threat to the public.

“The nature and circumstances of the (charges) are troubling and horrific,” a federal criminal affidavit reads.

That includes killing 17-year-old Herson Rivas on Aug. 2 with a large knife like they were “chopping wood.”

One of the accused, according to the affidavit, stabbed the defenseless teen “with such force his knife became warped during the attack.”

The teen’s body was found in a wooded park in Lynn. He was murdered, the U.S. attorney’s office in Boston said, because the MS-13 gang members — many illegal immigrants — believed he was cooperating with law enforcement.

One of the six accused, Henri Salvador Gutierrez, 19, of Somerville, dodged deportation a month before the murder.

“Salvador succeeded in convincing an immigration court that he was not in a gang, was not violent, did not pose a threat to the public,” the feds said.

The chilling motion for detention for all six adds: “Four of the six defendants appear to have entered or remained in the United Status unlawfully. At least four of the six defendants have MS-13 tattoos indicating that they are MS-13 homeboys, suggesting that they committed a murder or other violent attack.

“At least two of the six defendants have felony records. At least two of the six defendants were previously in immigration custody but were released and went on to commit … murder,” prosecutors state.

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Re: We need immigration control

  Any  connections  with  the  guy  in  the Brooklyn  Iowa  crime  or  the  Iowa  golf  course  massacre  - ? 


All  horrific  and  senseless  -   -   -    

Senior Advisor

Re: We need immigration control

Antifa could be viewed as a terrorist organization with support from law enforcement. But ms-13 should be stopped at the border. No reason to let in more. Antifa is protected by the US Constitution. ILLEGAL aliens are not.