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Re: We're # 7!

have faith odummer will take us lower as he has till now

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Re: We're # 7!

I am surprised that there are no replies to this post.

Especially since so many have used the UK as an example to compare your great system too.

UK is only 2nd so obviously not the 'best' system just one of the cheapest.

They also rank high for good safe care BUT low for 'patient centred care', I take that to be the patient is treated well but not happy about it.

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Re: We're # 7!

A few problemos with this "study". The source is calculated by the Commonwealth Fund. The survey was conducted by the Commonwealth Fund. The eyewash, news splash is brought to us by the Commonwealth Fund. Anyone else see a "Common" thread here? BTW Canuck, how do you feel about Canada having the lowest quality care ranking at #7 ?